Slippery Fish

Wall-based exhibition

DC Gallery, Eastbourne, 2017

The project curator, Karen Tilley, happened across a discarded bag with unknown contents hanging on a telegraph pole and took a photo. When reflecting on the image, inspired by the Year of Dada and in the spirit of chance, Karen decided to invite 5 women from the Blue Monkey Network to use the image to create their own artwork.

A Dadaist take on serendipity. Criteria: monochrome palette, standard paper size, A4

The artworks displayed were a result of each woman’s individual artistic insight and personal response to the original image.

This project demonstrated the diversity of artistic styles and ways of seeing that can be inspired by a found image, used as a catalyst to provoke work outside of their established artistic boundaries.

Proposal: The opportunity to display the work in a non-gallery space would continue the theme of images being found or seen by chance and how they provoke individual responses in the viewer.

Size and display

x6 A4’s. Please click on individual images for larger view.


Film installation

Exhale: Karen Tilley from karen TIlley on Vimeo.

I am interested in the immediate environment: people, social demands and the way that art can have a physical effect on its viewer and how they interact or react to the work.

Exhale was born from the fast pace of every day living, constant demands that can distract from the quality of life and what’s important to the human condition.

I considered ways of making people stop and focus by giving then time to observe and be part of the work as it revealed itself to them. What emerged was a physical response to the rhythm of the breathing and sound, which had an immediate impact on its audience.

The video has been slowed down enhancing the effects, the models movement and intense gaze suck in the viewer engaging in an intimate and voyeuristic interaction.

London Road Jingle

The London Road Jingle was conceived in collaboration with artist Esther Springgett as apart of Shine on London Road, an alternative attraction to the traditional Christmas lights. The project involved over 15 different local community groups rewriting and remixing the popular Christmas classic, Jingle Bells to reflect the spirit of London Road during the festive period. The jingle played on outdoor speakers placed at landmarks along the road throughout December.

London Road Jingle

Project website: London Road Jingle